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Technology reshapes businesses and lives by making procedures more efficient. IT traditionally focuses on improving processes. XLA® is a mindset to (re)design human centric IT services and processes. Organizations are filled with procedures, KPIs and frameworks, but often forget about human experience. Documents with rules and Service Level Agreements (SLA) are supposed to make work easier, but actually don’t. SLA works from control, whereas XLA® works from trust. XLA® is a mindset that helps to shift the focus towards end-user experience and to put emotions first. The measurement tool Amaze puts people first and helps to implement a data driven XLA®. Amaze turns perceptions into data that can be managed by (re)designing experiences. 

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Ongoing research

From 12 years of experience and continuous research, Giarte has developed Amaze: a methodology to measure productivity. Every organization picks and chooses parts of the methodology that they find important. It’s possible to switch things up every month or whenever it’s necessary. With this methodology organizations can actively manage perceptions and optimize the working environment.

inside perception

From this ongoing research Giarte developed five measurable components. Amaze offers insight in these components through a survey. Each of these five components is build on multiple characteristics. Enjoyment – for instance – consists of work-life balance, stress free and content. We must understand people and empathize; work from thereon. 

Soft side of hard data

Amaze obtains a lot of data, but what to do with all this output? This data enables corporates to optimize employees’ drivers of productivity. But how? XLA® hands corporates a method to give meaning to all this data; the XLA® method cards will help get the best result out of the data obtained through experience measurement. In this way, IT can truly improve lives.

Why the Amaze methodology?

Employee happiness

To improve employee happiness by capturing and improving end-user experiences.

Business value

To improve business value by getting to know what the business really wants.

Ecosystem management

To provide one set of metrics to measure throughout your entire ecosystem.

Our Clients


Creator of Amaze and XLA®

Track record

Giarte has been recording experiential knowledge and perception about IT services in business environments for more than 15 years. 


Giarte combines experience and research to deliver the best services. Giarte developed the XLA®-method to connect tech and touch.


Giarte sets a standard for centralizing end-user experience in IT and developed an own mindset and innovative method. Giarte brings change.


Why should I measure perception?

Companies often encounter the so called ‘watermelon’ issue where from a technical point of view everything seems to operate good but in reality end-users are dissatisfied. Only by measuring perceptions, organizations can capture the drivers of dissatisfaction.

For who is Amaze?

Amaze is basically for everyone who wants to captures and improve the peoples’ experience. Today, Amaze is most often used in an IT context, to increase the employee happiness, business value or collaboration in a complex ecosystem.

How to start with Amaze?

Amaze is readily available for all organizations. Simply ring us and we will help you to kick-start the experience journey, by measuring on your own ServiceNow platform or via a connection with Giarte. The minimum steps to implementation include a definition of focus areas, target audience and a company specific invitation for the surveys.

Do I need specific technology?

No, basically any IT Service Management tool is sufficient to either run Amaze or connect to Amaze. Organizations who run ServiceNow can simply download and install Amaze from the ServiceNow store. Organizations with other tools can leverage the platform of Giarte.

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